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Nature's toolkit for Wellness 

In today’s busy lifestyle it can be hard to find time to focus on our own personal wellness. We work long hours and live in towns and cities where nature has been replaced by concrete, plastic and bitumen. When we are tired , stressed or not feeling well we resort to supplements and pharmaceutical products to support us. Many of these products are synthetic or commercial products advertised on TV or in the media. Things we created, manipulated or invented. The human race has become so able at creating things and synthesising things that we have forgotten what we did before we had those


things. But there are Natural sources of many of these beneficial substances. They are the basis we used to create the products. Consider how long Mother Nature has been around? A lot longer than the human race. She was here before the Dinosaurs. They lasted millions of years before we ever turned up. Mother nature has been evolving throughout the planet's history. She has been continually refining all living things whether they be plant or animal. The human race evolved by taking advantage of the wealth of resources Mother Nature offered us. We used all means of plants as benefit through nutrition and support. We learned that many plants have special abilities of a medicinal and healing nature.  Plants unlike humans or animals are at the mercy of their environment. They are rooted to the ground and cannot run from threats as we can. They cannot fight an attacker - or can they? Plants have many complex compounds within their makeup. Some of these compounds make it bitter to eat consequently discouraging grazing animals. Some compounds in a plant are natural insecticides. Many  have amazing antiviral and antibacterial properties to protect the plant from those attacks. Plants are designed to survive in a hostile environment. We know many plants have palatable and nutritious fruit surrounding its enclosed seed. Humans and animals graze on the fruit and transport the ingested seeds to new locations to be excreted in the dung.

Animals rely on ingesting plants and other animals to survive. They produce no food of their own. Plants are amazing living chemical factories that use little more than soil water and sunlight to produce their own food and protection. CellMedical science has identified many chemical substances in plants that we now use in pharmaceutical and drug products for the known benefits and curative abilities. We are often unaware that these drugs are based on naturally  substances. Going back over 5000 years to the ancient Egyptians, Frankincense essential oil was valued greater than gold for its many curative properties as well as it fragrant aroma.We often don't think it down to that level. There is research where pharmaceutical drugs containing the identified beneficial compound from a plant is used in back to back test cases with natural essential oils containing the same compound. While in tests both seemed to treat the malady in question, the essential oil seemed to perform holistically better. This is believed to occur because the essential oil contains a cocktail of compounds rather than the single beneficial identified compound. Science has yet to fully identify the other active constituents effects in these cases. It just goes to indicate we still have a long way to go understanding what nature took millions of years to develop.Science and research in these areas is finding new answers and benefits every day. Research continues in many diverse directions with many players involved. There are not two competing groups in this arena trying to promote their individual needs. At this level it is purely scientific research. 

Natural Aromas and scents

We seem to be less aware of the emotional benefits we experience with plants. The effect they contribute to our emotional well-being and happiness. These factors impact strongly on our general physical wellness also.  Do you remember the last time you walked into a Forest? Do you remember the scent/smell? Was it Pine or Eucalypt or Melaleuca…something else? It was a powerful moment wasn’t it. All the stress, worries or tension in that moment was gone. You were free and transported. If you stopped to think about it you felt calm and happy. That is the power of a natural essence from nature. And it needs to be there in your daily life to maintain your inner emotional wellness. Our lives in a concrete habitat no longer include nature the same way it did as when we were evolving as a species. All the synthetic things we made are not designed to do that.

Lemon-treeWe can’t compete with nature on that score. The smell of a fresh lemon. Do you remember the last time you were at the fruit market? Did you pick up a lemon and smell it ?


Consider that there are substances in gaseous forms that can directly impact on our biological system. The simple act of breathing them in can have beneficial or toxic results.  Medicine uses gases as anesthetic to put us into a state of enforced sleep. Many illicit drugs enter the body through the same means. Mentholated vapors assist with colds etcetera through the same method of absorption. We do experience a chemical reaction to inhaled substances. To mimic this we use an essential oil diffuser, creating a similar benefit.

Topical application

Do you remember the curatives and remedies your Grandma commonly used? You were bitten by a Mosquito or a Wasp. Grandma to the rescue with Lemon juice, a little lavender oil or maybe vinegar? The elderly relation with arthritis who used the sap from an Aloe Vera plant in their garden to get relief where other medicinal agents were becoming less effective?

Ingested natural Essential Oils

You may be aware of the benefits proffered for oils from a variety of nuts, berries and seeds. Their benefits are concentrated in the oils that can be extracted for their wellness supporting abilities.This is true of many oils that can be extracted from plants, trees and various other species in nature. Consider the benefits of Grapefruit. It is touted by dietitians as a wonder food for the support of good dietary wellness and weight control. We would usually eat the fruit and discard the peel. There are even benefits in the oils of the peel. Nature attracts us to this fruit by the scent it gives off. As it does with lemons and many other fruits. We are supposed to be attracted. These are part of nature’s natural support system that enabled mankind to evolve to where we are today. A few drops of Lemon in a glass of water each day is so much more healthy than a soda, a sports drink or a commercially processed fruit drink. Citric sugars are simple and healthy and less of them. It is great as part of your daily digestive support. Lemon has great detox benefits.


There are a wealth of oils from nature that have profound or supportive effects if used in an educated way. This knowledge was once learned growing up with nature. Sadly it is not that way anymore. The modern world we created has been distracted with other things. But it is not lost all together. There are a growing number of people advocating that we all spend a little time re learning these skills. People sharing the knowledge and passion of personal physical and emotional Wellness. Call it a better level of happiness. That’s is what we all need - isn’t it?
Today’s society has become aware that happiness is a tangible thing. We are aware it affects our overall wellness. We practice Yoga, Meditation, recreational activities and a variety of other methods to achieve balance in our lives. We are not always sure how to achieve it. We cannot always find time for a walk in a forest or through a lemon orchard. But we can add back many of those benefits by bringing natural benefits of essential oils into our wellness routine. An oil diffuser is a good starting point. The international doterra family embracing Pure Essential Oils as part of their daily routine is growing daily with people finding a revived passion in life. They are people experiencing an awakening in their connection with nature. Something they always knew in their core-being, to be a source of wellness and happiness.

There’s an old saying “If it feels good – do it”  In Nature that is often true. That is part of our being. Its nature saying be happy.

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